Susanna Marijn

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Redhead babe Susanna Marijin sex machines for women looks gorgeous as she walks onto the clip in her black evening miniskirt. As she sucks the dildo on the pounding machine to get it dripping, she slips out of her clothes, right down to her stockings and gstring. After she’s rubbed the dildo against her pussy • Read More »

Stacey Dash

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Somewhere off in the future, there’s a slutty ho getting fucked by a creepy machine. And lucky for us, we have it on film. Stacey Dash meets up with a bang machine and after she figures out how to turn this robot on, she gets turned on herself. Taking a drill-bit dildo in her mouth, • Read More »

Amirah Tayler

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Amirah Tayler needs more penis than the average whore. If a stud can’t fuck her for a half hour non-stop she has no use for him so she decided to come up with a solution of her own. She built a machine that would jackhammer a dildo into her vag sex machine videos for as • Read More »

Brittani Wylde

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Brittani may be Wylde, but she’s never met sybian ride a machine like FM 1000 before. Watch her get piston pumped from every angle.

Randy Casey

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Randy is a horny redhead who approached the banging machine like a sleek cat stalking its prey. She put her mouth and began to suck the rubber dildo of the machine to videos sex machine lube it up with her mouth. Then as Randy climbed up on top of it, she didn’t immediately penetrate herself • Read More »

Leena Styles

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Petite blond rocker diva Leena Styles makes herself ejaculate again and again in this brutal pumping machine clip. She starts off flaunting her body for the camera, showing off her shaved vag and sweet breasts. She gets the plastic dicky nice and moist and ready for her puss before she slides it into herself doggystyle. • Read More »

Melissa Thames

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Sexy petite model Melissa Thames really loves getting banged hard, so she’s extra keen to try getting nailed by our pumping machine! Her eyes light up when she walks on the set and sees how oversize and hard the sex toy attachment our producers have chosen for her today. She lubes it up with her • Read More »

Martha Dawe

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With futuristic implications Martha Dawe takes on the new age pumping machine. It is literally just that. With drill like noises and motion this super nova dildo is designed to bang the hard core freak. Short haired patent leather wearing Martha is just that. She readily tastes the main option on the machine deep mouth • Read More »

Christy Annelien

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Christy isn’t phased by FM 1000. She’s seen his kind before and is eager put her body to work. Watch her take it deep while self-inflicting some painful nipple sex machine torture.

Genette Jones

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When Genette Jones is taken captive in the dungeon she is strangely turned on by her fear. After being finger fucked by the spooky dude in dark latex, she gets her slot drilled by a handheld device before sybian finally succumbing to power of FM 1000.